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Dear Gerber Staff, 

This is from Salim Reza, Myport /Eastport ltd, part of
Portwest UC, we have been using Gerber sofas in our group for the past 11
years. Suggested by me and recently we are buying/upgrading the software from
v9 to v15. In our entire group, Bangladesh, Myanmar the UK, Ireland, 

But in V15, we face a problem with the ‘’Create-----Binding
Option’’’ when we use this binding option in to pattern it should out with the grading
pieces, but it is without grading pieces,   

But by V9 /10.3/12, when we use this binding option into the pattern
it is with the grading pieces, which is grateful for the pattern designed, 

So, please check and let me know because it is a very
important option for the pattern designer to easily match the grading, 


I am waiting for your feedback!


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