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  • Hi Lisa, We are using Ver 10. If we have fabric codes in the model it pulls them in, but it does not for the model options.  Even after we add/remove options in Easy Order for Step2A Models/Advanced.  Any ideas?
  • Hello, What was the problem @Kakliewer?  Did you make any changes or did it just start working on it's own? Ours is only reading some of the fabric types from the model options, but not all of them.
  • Thank you Lisa and Vasyl.  We did those things and it still would not work.  We did discover our problem though.  After those changes we were clicking the right green arrow (process to image)  instead of the left green arrow (process all marker). …
  • I found the Marker Plot Options and checked the Use specified Extension: .plt. The default Image type is only JPEG, EMF, BMP. The file will only save as whichever default image type is selected and will not pay attention to the .plt selection...
  • Yes, we're measuring on the sew lines. I tried again with a different garment/chart, and was able to get most of the measurements to populate except for the ones that require multiple line segments to be added. We'll send it over shortly. Accumark V…
  • Hi Lisa,  Thank you for your prompt response. The issue started immediately without us editing any rows or moving anything around. We did CF and that auto-populated correctly and when we followed the same procedure for CB it wouldn't load. We skipp…
  • Hello Lisa, When I look at the graded pieces they look correct.  When I Grade, Export Rules, it says 0 exported.  When I try to Save model and export rules then, it says 4 rules exported. I save the pieces, and save the model, try to export aga…
  • Thank you Kathy Valade. When we export model options ASTM by DCU, the options do not send unless they are all on the first model editor page, and then it does not pair up the pieces for the various options (like switching a long sleeve for a short …
  • Is it possible to export as both? If so, how do I do both?
  • HPS stands for high point shoulder.  After further review, I think the smooth tool is just for curves, correct? What I need for "corners" is the distribute tool I believe.  It seemed to do what I wanted to when I did that...thoughts?
  • Honestly @Vasyl, it would be the same photo.  They do not move at all. I select the grade smooth tool, grade evenly is selected and it says "select points for smooth even". I am selecting the HPS point only, not more than one point. Once it is highl…
  • Oh my gosh! Thank you so much @Vasyl!!! the update button was the magic button!