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  • @luanvan24, what storage area you use to input pieces? Is there ruletable you need? How do you define rule table: while input piece or in digitizing preference?
  • The classic has more compact interface. And it's more useful for small monitors.
  • @MuhammadOwais, this for you to start
  • @maheshmv, you've ask this plotter's manufacturer about this option in software you're using to plot.
  • @MuhammadOwais, you check powerprofile in Windows. Maybe new PC in running on optimal or poweSave(quit office), but old was on High-performance?! Do you use integrated video core in both cases? 
  • @MuhammadOwais , I suppose a plotter's software working with this folder is running on one PC only?
  • @MuhammadOwais, check permission for PLOT folder. Lso check is no one parralel sesion with Plotter sowtware running. Also, if you use any antivirus software, add PLOT folder to white list . . .
  • @bickin, i afraid you cann't... But you may: 1. set marker width less. Or, ir you use making marker manual, then: 2. Add bufer in marker procces for pieces individually. I mean. If you place piece to top then add bufer to this piece at top side. 3.…
  • @maheshmv , If you plot accumark pieces, then you may compose it manually in PDS. Before plot select stack=ABS, and checkbox "Plot group as single file".  It is lower Plotter Adress
  • @Krzysztof Wojcikiewicz, any longer marker 5-6m plotting well. The short empty marker I made just for advance. Until problem will be solve.
  • Thanks @Krzysztof Wojcikiewicz. The customer is far from me. And tomorrow we'll check it. As well as roll fixation. At this time i made marker for 1m length to advance paper. They plot it. And no problem.
  • Hi @Krzysztof Wojcikiewicz and @Dave Rogoz . Where i can disable the sensor in menu. Is the PK value correct on pic i attached? There is no problem while plotting. Only while advance. No  matter button on plotter on command from User Interface. So…
  • Next i made few MotorY tests. Just power On After plot. and after fail while advancing The customer have change roll. Same situation. So what is real reason: paper encoder or MotorY?
  • I was mean this Now ACMKTRUE deleted. When ACMKTRUE activated, then no barcodes in prev. I haven't plotter to check how it's plotting. This is no claim from my side. Just expirience sharing. I spend some time to understoud reasons and fix it. And s…
  • It looks like BARCODES not compatible with ACMKTRUE. I mean plot preview in v11
  • try turnoff antivirus software if you use any. What is PC configuration? and where is data? I mean on SQL or simple files mode?
  • @margitaarset, you may downgrate data to V8 in AMExplorer and then send to lectra.
  • So i see only one solution rigth now. It separating fronts to separate pieces... This method help to continue Jellyfish fromleft to rigth side
  • Hi @Jaye Brown. Here is result when Mirror and Flip set to Both. Exactly here is no matter is Mirror set to Both, Left or Rigth. Same resalt So illuminate me, please, is it bug of v11 or mine ) Vasyl.
  • Hi, @Jaye Brown. Find zip file i'd attached. You'll find model, order... there. And one more question. How I can make "player2" on both pieces (left and right) but correct position. I mean no flips.
  • Hi, @Jaye Brown.  I tried all 9 cases.  IN case L/R = Both i got "Player2" on both pieces. But i need on one - just rigth.  And as i found Mirror has no matter... On rigth front "Player2" still fliped. I can set L/R = Rigth and Flip = X. That will …
  • beside, you've check accumark utilites for "increse marker utilization". Or like this. Sorry. I've localized version
  • @fnaeemff. For easy configure you've be familiar with digitizing process. 1. Menu must be placed in left corner. 2. Open digitizing preview in PC 3. you must find "Spart piece". Just you pick it correct you'll see [,] in header of digitizing prev vi…
  • @fnaeemff, i have this template in cdr. If you want print and test before order original from Gerber.
  • @Angy, your extract lines not connected and there is some part of dart.  Try combine tht lines. If no success, move out dart... Or put here a piece.
  • Hi @jacky, so what exactly type of file you send there: plt or astm/dxf? Can you put here sample? some one piece?
    in PLT Issue? Comment by Vasyl April 8
  • @Angy, do you mean extract piece from PLT file?
  • I'm not familiar with V12. But it mean Marking then try use some system variable... In marking the font used in the message or status window by default uses a drawing font. With some languages there are certain characters that will not display or …
    in Matrix menu Comment by Vasyl April 2
  • Hi @jdmassey. Ther you can change line's width in plotter settings as well in print settings in User manager. Instead you can change plotter quality from draft to HQ in plotter. If you use grey paper then change it to more white
    in MP1800 plotter Comment by Vasyl April 2
  • No @Kathy Valade, there isn't AccuNest. Thanks for help.