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  • Hi @nisarga! Can you please provide a screenshot of what you are referencing as well as send an image of the polo? This will help us to better understand the question.  Thank you!
  • You can add SKUs to styles by following the below steps! 1. Go to Style folder and select a style 2.  In the left-hand navigation, click on Style SKU 3. Click New 4. Select desired drop-downs from Style SKU page 5. Add SKUs to SKU # column 6. Click…
  • Lookups is a feature used by an admin to create entries for client configured drop-down tables. Users can provide content within permission driven areas, where the admin can assign users new values to lookups. Please note that general users do not h…
  • Hi @rahul! Lookups are part of YuniquePLM configurability which is used to create "lookups" or dropdown lists that feed customer-created fields. You can double-click on a header to add or edit a "lookup" field. If the user has full access to lookup…
  • Hi @rahul  Unfortunately, there is no current option to mass remove a material from a line list. You can remove the material, but you will need to go through each style one by one. This is to ensure that you do not accidentally remove a material fr…
  • From the Home screen go to: 1) Admin (in left-hand navigation)-->Users-->New 2) Type in new user's name and email (you can add the additional information as well- your preference!) 3) Check the box for External Access and Active (this ensu…
  • Hi @Lucinda805, This is a great question! I sent you a private message last week, but we need a little more information before we can troubleshoot. Can you please provide more details/screenshots so we can get a better idea of where you are in the …
  • Hi @nisarga, Happy to help! Perhaps we should have a developer look into this to make sure your settings are working properly. I will send you a private email Thank you, Erica
  •  Hi @nisarga , This is a great question! Have you double-checked the "where used" button? I would also check to see if the POM is being used in the Sample Request Folder. If you're trying to delete a POM from a template, it must not be in use in an…