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  • Is it open to non member? Curious about grading, tho I have a general question: do you usually grade from "cut line "or the "sew line"? Thank you!
  • Thank you! Right now I have SINGLES chosen from drop down menu, which is plots out the info that I need: Style number piece name and fabrication. Plus it plots the date of when it was plotted, and I was wondering how to change the appearance of the…
  • @Kathy_Valade What is the difference between exporting as ASTM (.dxf) and exporting as AAMA (.dxf)??? It seems that exporting as AAMA is stripping mt point and line attributes. So my 'F-Rotation' and 'Smooth' points attributes are lost. I …
  • @LisaLowell Using Data Conversion Utility at AAMA(*.dxf) setting. I didn't know there is an option to export using plotter.
  • Here are screenshots of pattern with S-POINTS and S-POINTS stripped after I convert to DXF
  • Thank you for responding Lisa! Regarding the #1 question of F-Rotation: The strange thing is that I 'exported' the model to DXF and then, for sake of testing it, 'imported' from very same DXF back into Gerber, and all the information of F-Rotati…
  • This Marking & Grading service is 'old school' they are good with grading itself but not so commuter savvy, that's my impression. Or, they a 'pretending' to not know and charge us every time we need to pull out different size. Thank you for in…
  • Thank you all for the answers! Very helpful and clear. The grading service is simply not sending me the .RUL file, so I am helpless.
  • What is the protocol for import in Data Conversion Utility? I am attempting to import using Data Conversion Utility choosing ASTM/AAMA (*.dxf) option and for some reason the graded nest is not showing up when I open the file in Pattern Design by go…
  • With newer version that we had at BCBG there was a bug with annotations not sizing along with  Zoom out function, so if I Zoom out my annotations would become bigger than pattern itself on the work space. Very strange. We all had problem with it and…
  • Yes! I worked at BCBG for 10 yrs and they finally switched to V10 last year, it was great, except the bug in 'annotations'. My bosses seem to be interested in that improvement. I think V11 is coming out soon, I prefer to wait for it.
  • Thank you for your response! The computer tat has AccuMark on it, is windows 7 Professional. Could it be a problem for 8.3 version? Consequently my question is: could it be a problem to run AccuMark V11 on Windows 7 Pro? When is the V11 comin…