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  • Thanks, @Lisa Lowell -- this is super useful! Are there any examples of when one would use generic plot files?
  • This is fantastic, @Lisa Lowell -- thank you for sharing!
  • @Sue Carrier Good question! The original post had links; thank you for catching that. The usual haunts: Instagram Facebook LinkedIn Twitter
  • @Abhi_Irina If you are talking about Gerber University, it is open to anyone. Simply fill out the registration page and proceed to login. There are currently no previously referenced scheduled classes available, but you can purchase the recorded v…
  • Is the Wdigit icon appearing in the system tray of your connected computer station? Make sure the port is set up correctly and that the computer is "seeing" the digitizer. Here are some troubleshooting steps to follow: 1) Turn off the digitizer. …
  • Hello @Kaygarzon I recently saw this issue on a newer digitizer, and it almost didn't occur top me to try this: have you turned the digitizer off and then on again?  In my recent experience, I didn't even have to reset the cursor. Let me know if t…
  • @tidivi23 How you set "Value Mode" really is a matter of preference. This setting controls the behavior of Cursor/Value mode when making modifications in PDS. • Default – the Cursor/Value mode will stay in whatever mode the user selects. • Classic…
  • Hi @tidivi23 --  Do you have your preferences set to store data to the Default or Retrieved Area (found in Preferences > General)? This setting should be Default if you want to save data back to the default storage area specified in Preferences &…
  • @Kaygarzon Great news! You can now access a recorded session of AccuMark 201, Lesson 1: Make the Grade. I hope this helps!
  • @Kaygarzon At this time, that is the only scheduled class we have. However, I am working on posting a previously recorded session on Grading in Accumark, which can be accessed anytime. This should be available by the end of the week.
  • @Kaygarzon You are very welcome! In PDS, use Assign Rule Table to ensure the correct Rule Table with grading is connected to your pieces. Once you have done this, use Edit Point to assign the Grade Rule numbers from your table to assign those rul…
  • Hello Karen, Can you describe what about the rule table you do not understand?  Once you have entered values in the rule table, filling out any necessary rules for your piece(s), you will save the rule table and close it. Go to Pattern Design and…
  • This is a great feature and was very well received when I used it in class recently.
  • Good question, Lisa! While the guidelines dictate that students should be enrolled in a fashion design program, and the competition culminates in a fashion show at ideation, we have always been open to other possibilities.