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  • kashif9977
    Brother plz help my accunest is not saving the nested markers plz help
    January 20
    • Barry Fuhrman
      Barry Fuhrman
      Hello @kashif9977

      Hopefully this response finds you well. I see that you were able to find an answer by posting on the main community page. In future, please refrain from posting questions like this on individual users' walls.

      We cannot guarantee that we will be available or able to answer questions on our wall. For example, AccuNest is not my area of expertise, and you will have much better results posting in the community proper, where you can receive answers from GT team members and AccuMark users.

      Thank you for understanding.
  • darrenbeaman
    Hi hope all well, I'm having a problem with Tracing the out sise line and the blue, 

    It's coming up.

    Perimeter not closed

    As you can see, I've crossed over the lines so you can see. I'm using 12.2 


    January 12
    • Michael Cooksey
      Michael Cooksey
      Hello @darrenbeaman hope this finds you well! If you don't mind, please repost this question as a post in the Community (as opposed to Barry's "wall") to make sure it reaches a broader audience. Barry is not always available to answer questions, and one of our other team members (or another end user) might be able to jump in if it's an open Community post.

      Go back to the homepage and click the "new discussion" button to post.

      Thanks and good luck!