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Omega 5 color issues when importing eps/ai/pdf files

edited November 2021 in Signs and Graphics
Hi all,

recently our Omega software refuses to import files (eps/pdf/ai) without changing the color of the imported objects. For example, I can create a simple box shape in Illustrator, color it red (cmyk 0:100:100:0), and when I import that file into Omega, the values have changed. Importing the same file into for example Corel Draw works just fine. In Illustrator, I work in CMYK mode, and with no color managment.
Same thing, if I create a file in Corel Draw, and from there export the file as eps or pdf, then import that file to Omega, same thing occurs.

I have also tried creating the very same object in Omega, export it as an eps file and import it right back in - and Omega changes the colors on the imported object compared to the original.

In the import dialogue box in Omega, on the tab "Import Color Management", I have both the RGB source profile as well as the CMYK source profile set to none, but still Omega changes the colors. This totally breaks our workflow!

Any suggestions? I find it very strange that this has been working fine for years for me, and now I simply can't seem to fix this issue.

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