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Creating new files in accumark

CelestineCelestine Posts: 3
Thanks Mary for taking your time to respond to my question.
Am reading a book called "Using Gerber's accumark pattern design software".
It's teaching step by step using detailed diagrams,on how to create new data files in accumark explorer.
I have followed the steps i was directed to as follows

1.Open your storage area on the left side of the computer screen.
2.Move the cursor to the white area on the right side of the computer screen.
3.Single click the right mouse button and a small menu will display.
4.Roll the mouse to highlight the word New and another menu will pop up as in fig x,hold the cursor over the data,type to create and click left.
So its here on the second pop up menu that i cant see the data type to create.
What appears is the following,
          Block buffer
           Lay limits
           Matching rules
         Rule table
         Size code
         Parameter table

So what should i do to create a file for am learning from the scrach
Am using Accumark v12
Thanks in advance


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