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Help needed

hjacqueshjacques Posts: 4
HI, does anyone know how I might fix this, or what the cause is?  Thanks!


  • Sue CarrierSue Carrier Posts: 113 Gerber Staff 💛
    Since the message has "Please select a V8 rule table for this piece" it sounds like you're trying to apply a grade rule table from a version 9 storage area for pieces that are in version 8 storage areas. You will need to use a rule table from a version 8 storage area. 

    If you click on the C: drive in AccuMark Explorer - in the All Folders pane on the left, then in the middle window - Contents pane - it will show the version number of the storage areas. 
  • hjacqueshjacques Posts: 4
    Hi Sue, thanks for your reply.  All of the pieces are in a version 9 area.  Ive attached a screenshot.  Is it possible that V8 pieces can be stored in a v9 area?  Or any thoughts?  Thanks so much!
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