Accumark Explorer. Transferring Data from C file to 0 drive

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When I modify a piece in my shared 0 file folder and save the file it gets moved to my C file(which is correct). Also, if I want to move the piece from my 0 folder into my C file I have no issue doing so. The issue is when I go to move the piece back into the 0 file from the c file that it doesn't allow me to do so. I have version 13 but was recently updated from version 8 so not sure if this might have an effect or not but if anyone knows how to fix this I would greatly appreciate the help!


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    1. Your saved data moving to C. Check Edit-options-General-StoreTo filed.
    2. If you cant copy/move to 0 (sql server) the you haven't Wrire rigth/previlege to storage... This is SQL admin job to configure access for you.
    The 2 can be reason of 1
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