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   splice marker   exists in the gerber ? 


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    You can to make as automatically as well manually in Marking. Find proper commands in marker/fabric ribbon. But before you've set min/max value in settings.

    2nd way. Is auto splicing while plotting marker. Set proper values in P-Marker-Settings
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    Dear @hamzademco1
    Yes Splice do exist in Gerber's AccuMark Marker Making. You can read about them further Here: https://www.onlineclothingstudy.com/2013/06/what-is-splicing-and-splice-mark-in.html
    You can generate them in Easy Marking with following steps:
    1. In Easy Marking, Open Settings in View Tab. There You can setup the Limits and Margins for the splice as well as their appearance on the Marker and Plot.

    2. Now in the Fabric Tab, There are 2 options to generate Splice: Automatic and Manual. If You are new to splices, I'd suggest to go with auto splice Options. Just click on Automatic (1) and Rest will be done by Easy Marking Program itself. You can see those Green Marks on Marker border, They are the splice marks.

    3. Now If You want to cut manually, You can just plot the marker and mark the splice marks on spreading table with plotted paper. But if You don't have plotter and using auto cutting method than You can use marker report options to generate splice mark data. (Although latest XLs 125 Spreader can do auto splicing). Go to Marker Report Options and enable the Marker Splice Report. 

    4. Now Run the Marker Reports and You will get the following information table report. Usually I use only "Splice Start from Left" and "Length" tab. You can copy this data to excel sheet for further processing or can export CSV to Your ERP directly.
    5. I use both of the method and As shown below, I can calculate Splice Marks A, B and Overlap with that data. Than My spreader operator can mark the splice on table w/o any Plotter Paper easily...

    I'd Love to help about any query related to Splices,

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