job files backup recommendations

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Any recommendations for job files storage /protection for omega plt files? Carbonite (an online data storage) is getting pricey. What about iDrive? 


  • Adam FosterAdam Foster Posts: 112 Gerber Staff 💛
    Backup files are always a good thing to have. Gerber doesn't have a specific recommendation for backup solutions. Carbonite and Idrive are 2 of the more well known solutions. Omega plt files are just files so it doesn't matter where you back them up as long as you have backups. Depending on how large your file collection is you might look at a simple solution like Google drive that gives you 15GB of storage for free or 100GB for $20 a year. Google drive is not as automated as carbonite but it works like an external drive where you can just drag and drop files as you need them or want to back them up off site.
  • HoltsignworksHoltsignworks Posts: 14
    Adam, Thanks for responding!
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