Edge Fx Fatal Error 14

Any idea what Fatal Error 14 is on an Edge Fx? Even better would be the fix!


  • Rob FisherRob Fisher Gerber Staff 💛

    That is a pretty generic error. The suggested actions are ‘Cycle power. If error persists, reload firmware. Check RFID reader’

    if those steps don’t help resolve it I would consider either replacing the CPU or the RFID reader.

    Do you have any details regarding events leading up to this error?

    if you need part numbers or assistance beyond that I would suggest calling support. The number in the states is 800-828-5406.
  • Machine was running a job and then just stopped and announced the error message. I will try reloading the firmware this morning.

  • Tried installing new firmware. Windows 10 box connected directly to the Fx with an ethernet cable. Downloaded firmware and printed instructions. Read instructions. Turned Fx on and got the Error 14 message but can't figure out how to get beyond that screen to set the device settings to reinstall firmware.

    Checked on Win10 box for a network connection. Adapter on the computer checks out but even though connected to Fx it says it is not connected. Tried another ethernet cable, same result.

    An yes I have tried the Bill Gates fix of many reboots with no success.

  • Rob-
    Ordered a new CPU board late today after having a chance to speak with one of your tech partners in crime. We will see if that solves the problem when it arrives next Tuesday or Wednesday.

  • Scott SillowayScott Silloway Gerber Staff 💛
    edited April 2018

    Hi @liferaft
    Error 14 is an RFID reader error. So, It is either the RFID reader or the upper chassis cable going to the RFID reader. It is possible , but a long shot it is the CPU board.

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