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We're considering these computers for a new install of the AccuMark software. I would appreciate some insight - are we under/over-buying or are these appropriate. Do you have any input on what we should try and avoid in a new desktop system? The goal is we'd like to have a machine that is upgradable/expandable with good warranty and functionality.

 Dell OptiPlex 7070 Small Form Factor



XPS Special Edition Desktop



HP Z2 Tower G4 Workstation



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    Please refer to the latest AccuMark release notes V13 and look at the requirements and CPU must have AVX instruction set. That is needed to launch PDS. See attached and always aim for a system that is a bit higher than the recommended requirements become obsolete as technology changes so fast. 


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    hi @csedesign
    I've read all the details of those systems. First of all it depends on You about which working You want the most out of Your system. For Example if You want to make a Nesting Server then i would recommend to spend on Processors like 9th or 10th gen and there will be no need for High end GPU.
    But if You want it for PDS with 3D working then I'll suggest to go for 8th gen multicore processor with dedicated GPU like 1080Ti or 2080Ti. 

    1. I'm using a Dell Optiplex 7060 having i7-8700 with 16GB of RAM and low end GPU for my General Work.
    2. For Nesting server I've built a custom PC with i7-9700k Processor, 16GB of RAM but with no GPU. 
    3. For PDS & 3D, I'm using an Alienware  R5 17 gaming laptop which have 9th gen Intel Processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM and 1050Ti GPU.

    All these system work great in their respective category.
    But Now I'm looking for a Super Heavy build for v13 and I've forwarded suggestions to my company for an i9 9900k processor with 64 GB of RAM and 2x 2080Ti Super or 1x NVidia Titan V and 2TB of SSD with 8TB of HDD. It will also going to have Liquid Cooler. This pc is for all round working so i don't have to use 3 different systems for each category.

    I'd suggest You to go for a custom build as it will be cheaper and choose as per Requirment like AVX instruction set etc. If You don't have issue with budget just explore some high end Gaming PCs like Alienware etc. 
    But if You really want to select from one of 3 You've mentioned above, I would suggest You to go with XPS Special Edition Desktop as Optiplex have lower specs while Z2 Tower have lower processor. But I highly recommend to ask for i7 9700instead of simple 9700 processor in that build as 9700k is an unlocked processor and will give more speed and Turbo boost.

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