How do you map to another drive?

AprilhAprilh Posts: 23
The drive my storage areas are on keeps having problems, I need to map them to another drive

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  • VasylVasyl Posts: 594 ✭✭✭
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    1. Find there some resource (share) you need in network neighborhood.
    2. RBM (right button of mouse) click, and map/connect...
    If you get success goto 3 else (you need input username/password) call IT assistant.
    3.  try create some file or folder.
    If you get success goto 4 else call IT assistant.
    4. Copy USERROOT folder from ex source to new. And Refresh in accumark explorer.

    This solution for file"s storages (letter named drive). If you used SQL (number named drive) then solution is more complicate
  • MuhammadOwaisMuhammadOwais Posts: 249 ✭✭✭
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    @Aprilh Hi
    If You just want to move storage areas from one drive to another on a same system, Just open windows explorer and go to Drive>>userroot>>storage (d:\userroot\storage\) and Your all storage areas will be there then Copy and paste them in other drive with same directory (e:\userroot\storage\) and then refresh all storage in AccuMark.



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