Is Data Slowing You Down? Check It!

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Having trouble saving pieces in PDS or Save As is not responding? Be sure to keep your data healthy by using the attached instructions to check the storage areas regularly, especially before backups. 



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    Kathy, Just reading this now. We think we need to run this Check. But we are wondering how long it might take to run. We have 150 Storage Areas plus subfolders. Do you have any idea how long this might take us to run? We are on AccuMark PDS v. 13. And is this completely safe to run??  Thanks Kathy.


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    @Kathy Valade, if a customers has to run it 3 times then gerber's team should add one more filed "times" or "iteration numbres"....   Then a customers shouldn't wait every time to run one more...

    The customer who has storages on network's drive(s) has run it check on remote PC. Just copy ff5chkfil.exe (and possible add files) on share server. And run 
    ff5chkfil.exe -r -c -d -s"drive:storagename"
    I'm a bit confused the washell not starts without key :( and ff5chkfile works with one storage... hasn't parameter like ALLSTORAGES
    Cos for servers with big numbers storages IT specialist has to write batch file whith 3 commands for each storage.
    Some sample:
    ff5chkfil.exe -r -c -d -sg:data90
    ff5chkfil.exe -r -c -d -sg:data90
    ff5chkfil.exe -r -c -d -sg:data90
    ff5chkfil.exe -r -c -d -sg:storage2
    ff5chkfil.exe -r -c -d -sg:storage2
    ff5chkfil.exe -r -c -d -sg:storage2

    In sample all storages placed on G drive.
    This batch file can be add to scheduler to run it at non working time (nigth)
    If the users has storages on few share's servers, then every server has to run own batch for local storages.  This way will be faster for few times then cheching all network's storages from one client over network

    If i'm wrong then somebody correct me please.
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