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Z is unpredictable.

I'm just testing/learning this new system (Omega 6.5 on Win 10). I opened an EPS with a simple arc path about 31.5" chord and 35" radius. I can make the router follow the path but it doesn't get the depth right. I did table init and material init. I set the material depth at 1.625 (chunk of wood) and .030 for depth and same for per pass. Yet, the router plunges about 1/2 inch into the wood. Ideas? 


  • wbhburnwbhburn Posts: 6
    As I said I'm just learning. I was initializing surfaces by hitting enter when it was where I wanted Z. But evidently that's not how it's done. One must hit A) again then exit. I have it now. As a matter of fact I did a table init., ran a piece and it did indeed just leave the paper backer, just like it was supposed to. Cool!
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    Hi there @wbhburn it sounds like you're well under way here! I moved your post to the Signs and Graphics category (where most Omega-related topics live). 

    Thank you for being a part of our Community! If there is any way I can help you out here on our forum, please let me know  B)
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