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Get Benefits from LockDown (Covid-19)

MuhammadOwaisMuhammadOwais Posts: 378 ✭✭✭
Hi There all,
Hope You Guys are doing great. This post is to motivate all of Our Community members who are facing Lock-down situation and are at home for next couple of weeks. I know its hard to stay away from work for this long and have almost nothing to do at home. In all this negativity and Panic type situation, Here's how You can get Positive out of it.

First of all You guys have to understand that this is a global crisis So don't blame Yourself or Your locals for this. Everyone is facing that and No one can't do anything about it.

Secondly, Take this free time as an opportunity and a break from Your daily work routine as it might be a lifetime occasion where You have full "Me Time" (Believe me people seeks for this) and You can utilize it for Something big. For Example, You can look back at Your Career, Your Goals and where are You standing right now. You can make a Progress Map or plan for Your future. Its Your time and You can catch up a lot of missing thing as well (Not talking about Netflix Serials :smiley: ).

On Third, along with spending time with Your family, You can do a lot of things which will benefit You in long term. As I've planned if I got lock-down at home, I'll write a program which will save a lot of time of my colleagues in term of processing Markers and also write a helping book which will guide newcomers and others.
You can also do many things For Example You Can:
  • Start with organizing Your Hard drive on Your personal PC or laptops.
  • Rearrange Your Storage Areas and Take Backups etc.
  • Develop some critical Style/Articles which requires Full Focus and time to design.
  • You can write articles, Notes or a Book briefing about Your work so others can get help with it.
  • Enroll in GerberU to get most out of AccuMark.
  • Go through all AccuMark's Help Topics and other documents.
  • You can also enhance Your skills by learning freeware online skills like MS Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook etc. or Get professional courses on Management Science, Lean Management and Production Enhancement etc.
  • Study on Your company's Process Flow Mapping and focus on it that on which area, You can save time and material.
  • For small Units having Limited to No record keeping environment, You can develop a systematic Record keeping like in Excel or Access databases.
  • Develop Your online identity for freelancing and make some extra fortune.
  • You can boost Your hobbies to get engage more with it.
Despite all of above, There's a lot of room for other things too. These activities will keep You active and stay out of this Negative Environment caused by Current Corona virus. It also will benefit Your career in future and will help to recover the damage caused by this situation. 
In last You can also give Your own Suggestions, Opinions and Options down in the comment.

Lets fight this together and get stronger instead of individually and Weaker. Take care of Your Families and Love Ones. And most of All Stay Focused and Positive...  o:) 
The Creator of All, Will Bless us All... <3

I'm a Cutting CAD Room Specialist and Technology Enthusiast...


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