Gerber supports AMD cpus with Accumark Family Software?

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In relnot_pe of Accumark V12 or Accumark 3D system support Intel CPU family. Can we use and suggest AMD CPUs? 



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    AccuMark 3D requires additional graphics card. Please refer to the AccuMark 3D release notes for the hardware requirements required to run AccuMark 3D
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    I know that for 3D important equipment is Graphic Card but The CPU is again Intel in recommended system. 

    I have not information about AMD cpus.
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    2 prev customers uses AMD with v12 well. Both cpu supports AVX/AX2
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    @Vasyl @bickin @Sarah Bolton
    Which Processor will best for AccuNest...!!! I'm using i7-9700k But Utilization is just above average. Should I go for AMD Thread ripper or i9-9900k or Xeon Series...
    Looking for a best build for AccuNest Server to reach max utilization possible... 
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    @bickin For High End 3D Rendering and Simulations I'll suggest You following Builds:

    1. If price is not an issue then I'll Suggest You the following Build:
    Processor:      Intel Xeon W-3175x
    GPU:               Nvidia Titan RTX 
    RAM:              G.Skill Trident Z 64GB (4x 16GB)
    SSD:               Samsung 970 Pro 1TB
    HDD:               4TB
    Cooling:           Liquid Cooling Highly Recommended
    Display:           2x Samsung 28-Inch UE570 UHD 4K
    N.B. It will Cost Crazy...

    2. For Budget category I'll Suggest You the following Build:
    Processor:      AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990wx
    GPU:               Nvidia 2080Ti / 2080 Super
    RAM:              G.Skill Trident Z 32GB (2x 16GB)
    SSD:               Samsung 970 Pro 515
    HDD:               2TB
    Cooling:           Liquid Cooling Recommended
    Display:           2x hp N270

    3. And for Portability I've an Alienware 17 R5 laptop with Following Specs:
    Processor:       i7-8750H
    GPU:                Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070
    RAM:               16GB DDR4
    SSD:                512 GB
    HDD:               1TB
    Display:            17.3" QHD
    And it works Superfine with all type of CAD and 3D related working. The only drawback is its super-massive and You'll gonna upgrade Your muscles to carry it around on daily routine but You'll get used to it soon...  :D  

    P.S. These are My own recommendations, not any official documented specs.
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    MuhammadOwais сказав:
    @Vasyl @bickin @Sarah Bolton
    Which Processor will best for AccuNest...!!! I'm using i7-9700k But Utilization is just above average. Should I go for AMD Thread ripper or i9-9900k or Xeon Series...
    Looking for a best build for AccuNest Server to reach max utilization possible... 
    Sorry i'm not watching news in it. You may compare this cpus in some sites. But we don't know what parameters is important for ANest
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    Hi @Vasyl and @MuhammadOwais

    AVX using both of CPU brands. As you know, All Gerber Official Document is written only Intel for CPU not AMD CPU. And I am affair that may be has a problem with AMD procedure. 

    I found some information in our technical library. It was written 2004 by Helmig. if the computer has got AMD CPU, PDS and marker making not showed piece and marker making shows measure wrongly. It occurred in Accumark V7 and Accumark 8.0 version. 

    this issue is not for 3D. Because 3D has got two parts. 1. CPU 2. Graphic card.
    But When I look up rel_note documents. I read only Intel CPU for 3D pc.

    For Accunest, I test many CPUs to testing marker. But I am  talking about Accunest MC. The is support maximum 32 Virtual Cores (threads). But If you know that please share information with me. Everytime accunest does not same result. 
    For exam, you send 2 minute twice time, result is different than before one.  

    For MC version, CPU core is time and performans. If you have a time, you will choose i7 or i9 CPU. but İf you need time, you should choose dual CPU XEON machine. Becasue, same marker it found 4 minutes  in i7 or i9, but dual XOEN 5118 machine same result found 2 minutes. 

    For SC  version, you have to choose thread power CPU. This mean that "Processor Base Frequency" or "Max Turbo Frequency" for intel. But SC version need twice time to find best marker. 5 minutes or more.

    I think, accunest software development should be use GPU. Because, GPU is fast than CPU for calculation process. 

    In here, I decide to using 3D computer below configuration.  

    HP Z2 TWR G4 WKS Single Unit (Tower) Z2 Packaging
    HP Z2 TWR G4 90 650W Chassis Windows 10 Pro 64 TURK Operating System Load to M.2
    Intel Core i7 9700 3.0GHz 8C CPU
    16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 2666 DIMM NECC Memory NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 24GB (4)DP+USBc
    Z Turbo Drive 256GB 2280 TLC Solid State Drive
    USB Business Slim Wired Keyboard TURK
    HP USB Hardened Optical Wired Mouse No Included ODD
    HP SD Card Reader
    HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS) for Z 3/3/3 (material/labor/onsite) Warranty EURO No Adapters Needed
    HP Z2 TWR G4 Country Kit TURK -
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    @bickin, my post related with AccuMark only. Not checked with 3D.
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    I Think AMD will be as fine as Intel because the purpose of the Processor is only execute commands given by operating system. There should be no difference in execution but only in performance. So No worries with Processor Type.

    Also I've 5 AccuNest Servers loaded with i7-9700k Processors with 16GB RAM but no GPU as only used for AccuNest. I've also demanded a new System from my company with following specs:
    Processor:       Intel i9-9900k
    GPU:               Nvidia 2080 Super
    RAM:               32GB DDR4
    SSD:               1TB
    Display 1:        27" UHD
    Display 2:        19" QHD vertical
    Display 3:        42" QHD Presentation View
    Colling:            Hybrid (Liquid with Stock)

    I'll use this System as All Rounder R&D purpose for Different CAD & 3D platforms Like CLO, V-Stitcher, Optitex & Gemini etc. 
    Is there anything You and @Vasyl want to suggest in this setup, I'll highly appreciate that. 
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    @MuhammadOwais, what motherboard is there?
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    With i9-9700k I'm Using MSI-H310M Motherboard
    for i9-9900k, I'll go for Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro.
    If You've better suggestion then Please tell me...
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    Also, First I was going for intel xeon w-3175x for My New Beast but when I tested AccuNest on Xeon ES-2670, I Got very low efficiency so I changed my mind as Xeon Series is Good for 3D Simulation (With High number of Cores) but not for AccuNest...
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    Just got consulting with guys working 3D. (Not knowing gerber's stuff :( ).
    They recommend amd ryzen9
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