Export zip causing crash

jefferydjefferyd Posts: 10
I am running Accumark 10.3.  I recently started traveling between our factory in Rochester and our factory in Montreal- I have servers mapped at both locations.  I also sometimes work off my C drive if I am not connected to either.  It seems that since I added the Montreal server, explorer freezes up every time I try to do an Export Zip so I am having trouble transfering files.  Anyone have any ideas?



  • Sue CarrierSue Carrier Posts: 86 Gerber Staff 💛
    Since you connect and disconnect to different networks, you may need to run Refresh All from within AccuMark Explorer to get a current list of drives. Then try Export Zip. 
  • jefferydjefferyd Posts: 10
    I am able to see all drives, and it may be unrelated.  I am now freezing up when I do Create Graded Size or Altered size.  Tried uninstalling and reinstalling Accumark and it didn't help.
  • jefferydjefferyd Posts: 10
    Think I got this solved.  Sharing the solution in case anybody searches for this.  The problem had something to do with using multiple monitors- when calling certain functions which required a user-input dialog box, the box would get lost in the ether, causing the system to freeze up.  I had to edit the registry key and delete certain values.  Won't post specifically what here as you can mess up your system if you do it wrong- reach out to technical support and they will guide you through the steps if you get this kind of freezeup.
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