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I need to come up with a report weekly from our cutters showing the actual daily cutting times for each cutter on an hourly basis.  For example, we work 9 hours a day and I need to create a report weekly that shows how many hours a day that the cutter was actually cutting.  I had our cutter operator to generate a report that would show cutting times.  He generated these two reports, event report and marker report.  I'm thinking the total time is what I'm looking for but I want to make sure I'm understanding what I'm looking at.  I notice that the total time almost equals the times for Cut, Dry Haul, Sharpen, Bite, Interrupt, and processing.  I'm thinking it doesn't include the idle time.  I have attached the reports above.  Our cutter is an XLC7000.  What exactly do these mean?

Cut - Time in Minutes it takes to cut that spread?
Dry Haul -  I'm not exactly sure what this mean... is dry haul time such as configuring setting?
Sharpen - Time in minutes it takes to sharpen knife?
Bite - Time in minutes it takes to take a bite?
Interrupt - I'm not exactly sure what this means... is interrupt when operator stops cutter to check cut work to make sure it measures correctly?
Processing - Time in minutes it takes to process data for cut file?    
Idle - Time in minutes that the cutter isn't working at all... such as breaks and lunch.   



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    Hi, Veronica

    Cut Time -  The time in minutes and hundredths of a minute that the knife is in the down position.

    Dry Haul Time - The time in minutes and hundredths of a minute that the knife is up while moving to the start point of a piece or moving to a drill location.

    Sharpen Time - The amount of time in minutes and hundredths of a minute spent sharpening the knife.

    BiteTime  – The time the cutter spent conveying the material

    Interrupt Time = (Finish - Start) - (Cut + Dry Haul + Dry Run + Sharpen) Interrupt time, the amount of time in minutes and hundredths of a minute that the cutter was stopped by the operator, an Opstop or failure between the marker start time and finish time.

    Idle Time - Reported time calculated relative to the Shift Start Time. This means that the Idle Time is a 5 minutes (not 15 Hours and 5 minutes) if a marker was started at 8.05 a-m- and the last marker was run at 5.00 p.m. the previous day.

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    Hi Sandro,

    Thank you so much for your explanations of each term, this really helps me understand.  I understand the cut time, dry haul time, sharpen time, and bite time.  The interrupt time... I think I'm understanding but I cannot seem to get the calculations right.  For example, on ACS2904136 B1, I'm calculating as...

    (Finish - Start) - (Cut + Dry Haul + Dry Run + Sharpen)
    (Total Time (0:09:13) as decimal 9.220) - (4.386 + 3.986 + 0.000 + 0.000)
    (9.220) - (8.372)

    It says Interrupt time should be 0.367.  I'm off by 0.481, what am I calculating wrong?

    I'm a little lost on the idle time.  The report I need to create weekly, I'm thinking needs to include the idle time.  This report, I need it to show how many hours of the work day (10 hours) was the cutter cutting spreads and how many hours was it sitting idle?  How would I calculate the idle time for the full day of 9/9/19?  Would I add all the idle times together for the full day and then divide it by the 10 hours?

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    Dear @vhubbard,
    Dry Haul - is the time when cutter is cutting the lay with Knife up. It mean when cutter head is moving from one part to another during cutting. it is opposite of Cut Time (Where knife is down in the Lay).
    Processing Time - is the time which a job takes from start to End (Its 'Job End Time' - 'Job Start Time').
    Interrupt Time - Its the time between a Job when cutter is not idle with servos on. in simple words, stopped by operator or something.

    You can refer to my post (Asked for Gerber Paragon) for further clarification.

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    Dear Veronica
            you miss the bite time on your calculation. in your report:
              TTL time is about: 9.22
              All  other time is : cut time(4.386) + Dry haul (3.986) + Sharpen (0.0  interesting , mean no sharpening) +bite time(0.484) + Interrupt (0.367) + Dry run (0) = 9.223
               It is same under calculation accuracy range. 
                So the Interrupt Time = (Finish - Start) - (Cut + Dry Haul + Dry Run +process + Bite +Sharpen) 
              BTW to calculate the idle time, We can think on other way, no need to summary on the report:
              Idle time = shift time - (Auto time+interrupt time) 

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    Thanks wilson_dai,
    With the idle time, I've been calculating it as below... am I calculating it correctly?

    For example, if I'm calculating idle time for the full day on Monday. I subtract the sum of total times for all cuts on that day from the shift hours.

    Thanks Again,

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    hi we are using Gerber Paragon HX/HX-A,

    Somehow on the report fields, we can't find the "Cut Time" and the "sharpening time". 
    Can I assume "Holder 1 Down Time" as "Cut Time"?

  • MuhammadOwaisMuhammadOwais Posts: 205 ✭✭✭
    @Spencer Yes. Holder 1 Down Time is Your Cut Time of Blade... Unfortunately Sharpen Time as well as Dry Run time not available. You can also see some information on My post:
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