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Good Morning,

I’m looking into trying to improve our cutter efficiency and I noticed our dry haul time is greater than cut time.  Is this normal, or should cut time be greater?  I’m thinking cut time should be greater... If so, what is the normal percentage for cut time to dry haul time.  I’m thinking to improve dry haul I would need to check markers to se how the cut sequences are for the cutter?




  • Lisa LowellLisa Lowell Gerber Staff 💛
    Check the sequence of the parts, is the knife head jumping all over the place?  Have you tried sequencing the parts in AccuMark?
  • vhubbardvhubbard
    edited September 27
    Hi Lisa,

    The reports I pulled was for all cuts that we cut for that week.  They have me looking into improving cutter efficiency so I'm trying to understand the reports and how the cut data goes along with the report.  I'm going to check on the sequencing for the parts in AccuMark and see how the pieces are placed.  If I'm thinking right, I need to check the start and stop point of one piece to the next, to make sure they are close to each other, to reduce the dry haul time?  So, am I thinking right that the dry haul time shouldn't be more than the cut time?  I'm trying to figure out what the normal percentage would be for cut time to dry haul time.      

  • Lisa LowellLisa Lowell Gerber Staff 💛
    Good idea on the start and stop points.  

  • wilson_daiwilson_dai Gerber Staff 💛
    My experience, In the ideal mode, the next piece is close the cut piece. Max dry haul distance is less that 1/2 total perimeter of the cut file. But dry haul speed should faster than cut speed. so the idea dry haul time should< 1/2 cut time. 
    To reduce dry haul time , You need to Optimize cutting sequence.

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