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I need to come up with a report weekly from our cutters showing the actual daily cutting times for each cutter on an hourly basis.  For example, we work 9 hours a day and I need to create a report weekly that shows how many hours a day that the cutter was actually cutting.  I had our cutter operator to generate a report that would show cutting times.  He generated these two reports, event report and marker report.  I'm thinking the total time is what I'm looking for but I want to make sure I'm understanding what I'm looking at.  I notice that the total time almost equals the times for Cut, Dry Haul, Sharpen, Bite, Interrupt, and processing.  I'm thinking it doesn't include the idle time.  I have attached the reports above.  Our cutter is an XLC7000.  What exactly do these mean?

Cut - Time in Minutes it takes to cut that spread?
Dry Haul -  I'm not exactly sure what this mean... is dry haul time such as configuring setting?
Sharpen - Time in minutes it takes to sharpen knife?
Bite - Time in minutes it takes to take a bite?
Interrupt - I'm not exactly sure what this means... is interrupt when operator stops cutter to check cut work to make sure it measures correctly?
Processing - Time in minutes it takes to process data for cut file?    
Idle - Time in minutes that the cutter isn't working at all... such as breaks and lunch.   



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    Hi, Veronica

    Cut Time -  The time in minutes and hundredths of a minute that the knife is in the down position.

    Dry Haul Time - The time in minutes and hundredths of a minute that the knife is up while moving to the start point of a piece or moving to a drill location.

    Sharpen Time - The amount of time in minutes and hundredths of a minute spent sharpening the knife.

    BiteTime  – The time the cutter spent conveying the material

    Interrupt Time = (Finish - Start) - (Cut + Dry Haul + Dry Run + Sharpen) Interrupt time, the amount of time in minutes and hundredths of a minute that the cutter was stopped by the operator, an Opstop or failure between the marker start time and finish time.

    Idle Time - Reported time calculated relative to the Shift Start Time. This means that the Idle Time is a 5 minutes (not 15 Hours and 5 minutes) if a marker was started at 8.05 a-m- and the last marker was run at 5.00 p.m. the previous day.

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    Hi Sandro,

    Thank you so much for your explanations of each term, this really helps me understand.  I understand the cut time, dry haul time, sharpen time, and bite time.  The interrupt time... I think I'm understanding but I cannot seem to get the calculations right.  For example, on ACS2904136 B1, I'm calculating as...

    (Finish - Start) - (Cut + Dry Haul + Dry Run + Sharpen)
    (Total Time (0:09:13) as decimal 9.220) - (4.386 + 3.986 + 0.000 + 0.000)
    (9.220) - (8.372)

    It says Interrupt time should be 0.367.  I'm off by 0.481, what am I calculating wrong?

    I'm a little lost on the idle time.  The report I need to create weekly, I'm thinking needs to include the idle time.  This report, I need it to show how many hours of the work day (10 hours) was the cutter cutting spreads and how many hours was it sitting idle?  How would I calculate the idle time for the full day of 9/9/19?  Would I add all the idle times together for the full day and then divide it by the 10 hours?

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    Dear Veronica
            you miss the bite time on your calculation. in your report:
              TTL time is about: 9.22
              All  other time is : cut time(4.386) + Dry haul (3.986) + Sharpen (0.0  interesting , mean no sharpening) +bite time(0.484) + Interrupt (0.367) + Dry run (0) = 9.223
               It is same under calculation accuracy range. 
                So the Interrupt Time = (Finish - Start) - (Cut + Dry Haul + Dry Run +process + Bite +Sharpen) 
              BTW to calculate the idle time, We can think on other way, no need to summary on the report:
              Idle time = shift time - (Auto time+interrupt time) 

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    Thanks wilson_dai,
    With the idle time, I've been calculating it as below... am I calculating it correctly?

    For example, if I'm calculating idle time for the full day on Monday. I subtract the sum of total times for all cuts on that day from the shift hours.

    Thanks Again,

  • SpencerSpencer Posts: 1
    hi we are using Gerber Paragon HX/HX-A,

    Somehow on the report fields, we can't find the "Cut Time" and the "sharpening time". 
    Can I assume "Holder 1 Down Time" as "Cut Time"?

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