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Cad Drawing ARC 90 Deg Flipping

edited January 29 in Packaging

I have started drawing corrugated packaging on Graphite.
We were using DraftSight and the M3000 worked fine.
Now the table software does a 90deg flip on half of the arcs, drawn.
Any ideas?



  • Chris SiroisChris Sirois Gerber Staff 💛

    Hello, My name is Chris and I am with in house Tech support. Can you give me a little more info? Does this happen in all jobs or just a few. As I am not familiar with Draft sight can you send me the Frontend file with a description of the issue. The first thing we need to do it figure is its machine or software.
    Thank You

    Chris Sirois
    Gerber Service

  • dgaitherdgaither
    edited February 1

    Hi @cjsirois52 , the cad files are now drawn in Ashlar Graphite v10. I should not have mentioned DraftSight. This happens with all jobs that contain a fillet arc, you know connecting 2 lines meeting in a corner and you round them off with the rad tool. Half of them flip 90 degs. I was told that if I click-click a rad into a corner, to always click from left to right, it doesn't work that way. Half of the arcs flip 90 and half dont.
    I was told by Ashlar Graphite to export as IGES, but the front end of the cad table does not use IGES. Front end software seems to be called MFront Properties or WinFront for Gerber M3000 cad table corrugated packaging.


  • Chris SiroisChris Sirois Gerber Staff 💛

    Hello ,

    I am not familiar with Ashlar Graphite v10. But I can check with my applications. What are the output file types? Can you send me a .dxf?

    Thank You

    Chris Sirois
    Gerber Service

  • Chris SiroisChris Sirois Gerber Staff 💛

    Hello @dgaither , another note. Can you export as HPGL?

  • Hi Chris
    Export types on my ver10 are most DXF, most DWG anf IGES
    I can not do HPGL or any forms of. It used to have it and DDes versions.
    The Gerber Table software doesnt read IGES.
    And.. for some reason this page does not accept my DXF file.
    I get a warning "file is not allowed"

  • Chris SiroisChris Sirois Gerber Staff 💛

    What is your version of Frontend/or Atpath. Also when you start the M3000 what is your controller version?
    (ex. 1.76)

  • Chris
    Controller version is 1.93 PN is 112123
    Frontend. I can't find anything re a version. Last modify date was 2-22-2016,
    if that's any help. If not, where is the info hiding?

  • Chris SiroisChris Sirois Gerber Staff 💛

    In front end go to the Help dropdown and select About Frontend. Also send me a private MSG with you contact info and S/N of machine I will open a ticket.

  • Chris SiroisChris Sirois Gerber Staff 💛
    Prpblem resolve with call. It was their design software
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