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Outline of a font for plotting/cutting

Hey There Gerber People..... is what I am hoping will be a simple discussion. Let's say you have a logo that is a word.....Let's say it is the lettering logo for General Motors. The file you have is vector ready and is already opened in Omega. But instead of having GSPlot outline cut to the lettering in question, you want it to cut an outline border instead. So if the logo is to be printed on white vinyl with the logo lettering to be black, you want GSPlot to cut a border to the lettering but not at the lettering. Sort of a stroke around the lettering of the logo. What are the steps for doing this? Any help would be great. Thanks


  • Rob FisherRob Fisher Gerber Staff 💛


    I hope I am following you. So this would be a printed logo as an example and you would like to have a border around that logo without print so it a border of the material color? It should be pretty simple if you have the logo as vector shapes already. Select the Vector shapes and create an outline. You may have to delete the internal in-lines that were also created. OMEGA 6.5 has a new feature where we can outline ONLY to the outside making that simple. You would then have the outline shape assigned with no fill or stroke and be sure to turn off the cut for your original logo shapes so that they do not cut. Hopefully you can see in the screen captures below. I used the all-so-famous, made up, HN logo so that there are no copyright issues. Notice you can see the bottom HN logo does not have in-lines like the middle version. This is helpful when creating decals where you are looking for only the outside shape to cut.

  • Hey Rob.....this is EXACTLY what I was wanting to achieve. Thanks very much once again. THIS IS AWESOME

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