Color matching in DIM BOM on size level

PM_DahlqvistPM_Dahlqvist Channel Partner Member
Hi. Is there a way to handle color matching in BOM on size level?

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  • Clayton ParkerClayton Parker Gerber Staff 💛
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    I'm assuming you mean the ability to change the Material Color Pitching based on each size within the BOM?

    Yes, this is possible in both v7 and v8. 

    Both versions require that you are working with a Dimensional BOM that is working with Size and Color Dimensions. From the BOM edit page click on the Multi Edit button (M), within the Color Tab you can define different color pitching options by size.

    The process is very similar within v8. 

    Please note that the colorway page within the BOM will not be able to display this level of color selection. 


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