How do I add the fields of Size Code and Alteration in Model Editor?

I do not remember how I added the extra fields to Model Editor:
Size Code, Alteration, LayLimit and BlockBuffer(I believe)

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  • VasylVasyl ✭✭✭
    @margitaarset, here is this topic already.
  • Sue CarrierSue Carrier Gerber Staff 💛
    We will be making this a choice in the model editor in one of our upcoming releases so it will be easier for all that want to use it.

    In addition to Rodolfo's reply, we did have it documented in the V10.4 What's New:

    Altered Sizes in Measure Charts Altered Sizes can be viewed in Measure Charts. The Alteration and Size Code table must be defined in the Model to see the altered sizes in the Measure Chart. To add these fields to the Model Editor, the registry must be edited. Add a new key called “OrderData” to HKEY_CURRENT _USER/Software/Gerber/SysMgmtPro/Model. The value of this key should be “1”. Next time the Model Editor is opened, fields will be available in the first page of the Model for the Lay Limits, Block/Buffer, Alteration, and Size Code. 

    You can find the Previous What's New documents through your AccuMark V12 icon on your desktop (that has documents for the current release). After clicking on the disktop icon, proceed to Training Docs\AccuMark Documentation\Whats New Previous\V10.4

  • Elizabeth KingElizabeth King Gerber Staff 💛
    @margitaarset.  Thanks for adding your search terms to the answer here.  That helps provide keywords that you and others can search for going forward.  
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