Match Squared Corners in Advanced (Seam)

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Does anyone have problems with Advanced-Seam-Match Squared Corner in V10.4?The corners are turning red and as soon as the pattern is closed down. An error message says  the pieces are unsaved. All of them are with Match Squared Corners. Only when the corners are removed the pieces can be saved. 

 This problem didn't occure in the version prior to this.

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  • Lisa LowellLisa Lowell Gerber Staff 💛
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    I have a 10.4 station to test this on, can you send me your zip file.  You can attach it here or email it to me at [email protected]
  • Lisa LowellLisa Lowell Gerber Staff 💛
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    I tried it in both a V8 and V9 storage area on both V10.4 and V11 and I could not repeat the crash.  When did you experience the crash, when you were applying the corner was it to the out seam or the inner seam of the sleeve?  And did it occur on both slv1 and svl2?

    Also can you send me your PDS user settings?  It is possible that the settings are corrupt.  The settings are what are called registry settings and they will not pass through email, you have to rename the extension of the file.

    Go to AccuMark explorer file\Options

    Click on User settings\Export PDS settings, give the file a name and save this to  your desktop.  Go to your desktop and rename the file the extension on the file will be .reg, change this to ger.  You will get a warning about it and that is ok.  Send me that file.

  • louisesantiagolouisesantiago Channel Partner Member
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    I will check that, thank you.


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