Marker making with Image - Error

I am getting an Error message

"Unknown data access error while accessing Marker Item XXX from storage Area XXX"

does anybody know what this is and how can i fix it?

Thank you


  • VasylVasyl ✭✭✭
    edited October 2018
    There are your marker or database may be corrupt.
    CHECK storage are in first.
    If this not fix it. Than recreate marker.

    PS: what mean "with image"?
  • I did CHECK i recreated the marker, created a new storage area, did not help.

    IMAGE is Artwork

    thank you
  • Denise VannoyDenise Vannoy Gerber Staff 💛
    Not exactly sure what your image information entails but error messages may occur when image is too large. You may want to check you resolution and mega pixel of your image and adjust to a smaller size.
    Here is gathered information on imaging that you may want to review:
    · Type of image (tif, jpg, png, bmp) – jpg and png (for transparency) recommended for large images
    · DPI - 150-200 recommended for large images
    · Image dimensions (h/w) – no larger than piece dimensions for large images
    · # of images in model – ensure fabric image only contain the piece fill, any additional components should be added separately as trim images
    · Marker length – cannot exceed 200", reduce bundles for large images
    · Marker size should not exceed 7MB. Larger marker size will result in a crash in Easy Marking when saving a PDF/SVG.* 

    Support for Large Image Files

    Large image sizes can cause slowness in functions within Pattern Design. To allow for smoother image and piece manipulation, a registry setting can be created to scale down large image sizes. PDS now has a maximum image size of 4 MP  (height x width)) internally. Any image over this limit will be scaled "down" to conform to the limit. 

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