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Lectra Conversions

Lisa LowellLisa Lowell Posts: 569 Gerber Staff 💛

Lectra Conversions.

Lectra models and pieces can come in different formats

The older format of Lectra data are/were .iba and .vet files.

Newer formats of Lectra data is the .mdl file.


IBA and VET files:

The older format of .iba and .vet files must go together. If you need to convert these files the classic conversion program LConvert can still be found in all versions of AccuMark.  LConvert is found in the Classic Data Conversion folder in the AccuMark V11 folder on the desktop.  If you need assistance using LConvert you can check the help files within the program or post your questions on Gerber Community.


MDL files:

The .mdl files are the newer format of Lectra files. These files contain the model and pieces with grading information. The majority of times these files convert smoothly. Every now and then you may run into an issue.  For example, if you have an AccuMark version 8.5 or lower and you try to convert a Lectra Modaris V7R2 .mdl file you will get error messages and not be able to import it.  The solution for this is to upgrade your AccuMark.  If you are not sure of the version of Lectra file you have you can always open the file in notepad and view the version information.

 Recently Lectra implemented data encryption in their .mdl files on their Modaris V8.  Encrypted data is written into a secret code, also called cipher text.  In order to read this secret code, you would need another Lectra V8 system.  If you are working with Lectra Vendors who are using version 8, you will need to request non-encrypted .mdl files or dxf files.  


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