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Recommendations for Pattern Storage

tidivi23tidivi23 Posts: 113

Hi All,

Does anyone have any basic recommendations or pointers for saving, filing and naming patterns in Accumark?

Do you find it more useful to only keep the most current pattern saved in Accumark and keep zip files of previous versions of that same pattern in a separate folder on computer OR is it better to keep all versions of the same pattern in Accumark?

Currently in the process of organizing the storage areas and I'd like to be as efficient as possible.

Thanks in advance!



  • Elizabeth KingElizabeth King Posts: 45 Gerber Staff 💛
    Hi @tidivi23, when I was in the industry, we would keep them all within AccuMark.  We would zip/archive after a season was officially retired (except carryover styles which we kept around "forever")
  • VasylVasyl Posts: 461 ✭✭✭
    Zip-archives are very useful to restore deleted, overwritten, ... corrupted data.

  • Lisa LowellLisa Lowell Posts: 567 Gerber Staff 💛
    As far as naming files I recommend naming the parts with a style name or number first and the part identification after for example 12345-Front, where 12345 is the style number and front is pattern identification.  For storage I use an external drive I copy the C:\userroot\storage folder to the external drive as a backup, I prefer this method because I can restore an individual data item as needed.  If you need more in-depth information on this I can provide.  The zip files are nice, but you would have to individually zip each storage area which takes more time and to restore you would have to restore the whole storage area.

  • VasylVasyl Posts: 461 ✭✭✭
    Hi here. 
    If a PC configuration allows then good way is use SQL server (express) for data keeping.
    This is nore safe and useful. One of features is subfolders. Also you can schedule Auto backup data
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