MP User Manager. Plot orientation

VasylVasyl ✭✭✭
Look like 3.0.37 software has some issue.

1. There customer has issue to plot marker wider than paper. There was option "split if width bigger.."  After set "do not plot" or "split out" and set "split if wider" back it starts plot correct.

2. plot orientation.
2.a. If the orientation set to orirgin then plotter prints 180 rotated. If orientation set to 180 rotetad, the print as origin.
2.b. But in both cases preview showes in 180 rotation.

And one more. Before plaing with orientation plotter prints 2nd splitten part (think) first, and not prints major - 1st (wide) part.

Sorry. there no pissible repeat it againe.
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