Error: String or binary data will be truncated.

Christopher BarryChristopher Barry Gerber Staff 💛
This one comes up occasionally in in random places.

If you should come across this error is simply means a container is
to small for the data that was input. This may be user error or simply  that we need to enhance our software. 

Imagine you asked me for the first two letters of my first name.
Then I answered Christopher instead of Ch.
The software is expecting a smaller amount of information then what was entered.

This error is preventable as it is data related; however, it may also be that we need to change the code to accommodate more data.

First, please check all the entries on the page and look for anything out of place or larger then usual values. If this is on a report try printing one page at a time to narrow down the data issue. If you copy and pasted a value from email or some where else this is often the cause.
If you can find and correct the invalid data, you can fix the issue immediately.

If not, we can help but we need to know where you were in the system, control panel, style, printing, tech packs etc.. and what you were trying to do step by step. This information will not only allow us to fix the issue but make the software more resilient in the future. 
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