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AccuMark V11: Using Save As 1:1 File

jnlewisjnlewis Posts: 6
I am running V11 Pattern Design and just having a play around with the Save As 1:1 PDF function. I was wondering if there is a way of saving so that the seam allowances, notches, grading etc appear as well? As I'm currently only getting the outline and annotations.

I know that I can do a copy to clipboard 1:1 which does it but would love to show my students the pdf function. 
Thanks for any help, 

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  • Kristin RitterKristin Ritter Posts: 26 Gerber Staff 💛
    Accepted Answer
    Hi Jess, 

    The function Save as 1:1 was developed for generating digital print files where the seam information and grading is not needed. Thanks for your suggestion on adding to this feature as we are continually reviewing ways to enhance based on  customer feedback. Thanks, Kristin


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