What to do when an issue isn't reproducible in your Test Environment

LaTera R.LaTera R. Gerber Staff 💛
If your reported issue isn't reproducible in your Test environment, you may find yourself unable to test the fix when it is provided.

If you find that you can't reproduce an issue in your Test environment, just reach out to [email protected] to schedule a "refresh". We can take all the data from your Production environment, and copy it into your Test environment, so that the two are in sync. This way, your issue will exist in your Test environment, and you will be able to tell if the fix provided solves the issue to your satisfaction.

If you do not have time to schedule a refresh, then we recommend that you do a smoke test in the area impacted by the fix. You will be able to tell if anything is adversely changed before the fix goes into Production. If you find nothing wrong, we can schedule the fix to Production with a plan for rollback in case of any issues.
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