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WebPDM - How To Apply License

LaTera R.LaTera R. Posts: 4 Gerber Staff 💛

License files must be applied to the WebPDM Application Server. Please note that there are two types of licenses, Windows and Browser.

To apply a new license or additional license count with identical Company Name:

1. Open the license in Notepad > select all > copy
2. To apply a Windows license use:
   Start / Programs / WebPDM / WebPDM Apply License
To apply a Browser license use:
    Start / Programs / WebPDM / WebPDM Apply Browser License
3. Paste all into License Number box
4. Type in the Company Name exactly as it appears in the .txt file.  (This is case sensitive.) Ex: Test
5. Click the Apply button
6. You should get a message that the license has been applied successfully.

For the Windows license to take effect the Quickserver needs to be restarted.

For the Browser license to take effect IISAdmin service may need to be restarted, then the IIS Restart needs to be done in Internet Service Manager.

To apply a Replacement license or license with new Company Name:

1. Delete the existing license from the Registry by going to Local Machine / Software / WebPDM / License folder.
   For Windows license, delete the Company Name and Number
   For Browser license, delete the Browser Company Name and Browser Number
2. Follow steps 1-6 above.


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