FOLLOW-ALONG TECH PACK PROJECT - Day 6 - Uploading Artboards

Carlina BriscusoCarlina Briscuso Gerber Staff 💛
edited January 28 in YuniquePLM

Now, let’s upload your style images (and artboards) into YuniquePLM! 

If you’ve missed the previous posts in this series, check them out here to get caught up!   

Once you’ve completed the previous steps, launch IllustratorCC, and open your image with artboards, as developed in previous steps.

From the Window menu, go to Extension and select the YuniquePLM Image app: 

Then enter your YuniquePLM Username and Password to log in:

Once logged in, you’ll see images in YuniquePLM Image folder:

To upload new images, click on the “New Image” icon in the lower right corner of the Image app:


In the “Source file” drop-down, select “Choose” (to choose the image to upload):


Select your image from the list of open images presented:

Fill the rest of the fields and click “Save” in the upper left of the app:


And just like that, your style artboards are uploaded!!


You’re now ready for the next step in creating the tech pack: create a Style folder!

 See you next week for the next episode of the Follow-Along Tech Pack Project as we step through how to use the uploaded artboards/images in the Style Folder!

 Happy Teching!

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