Plotter ink inconsistency

RobbieRobbie Posts: 4
I have an MP 1800. I use 2 of the Gerber recommended ink cartridges on the right side and regularly clean the ink and dock station.  One plot will print perfect but the second might be faint or even impossible to read. Are there any more maintenance steps I can do? 


  • Brandy MooreBrandy Moore Posts: 2
    Hi Robbie. Thanks for your question. Keeping the cartridges and docking station clean are the correct first steps. If that is not helping, I recommend ensuring that the parking station/docking station is positioned correctly without too much of a gap. This time of year, when heaters are running full blast, the cartridges tend to have more clogging issues because they dry out faster. Ensuring that you are grouping your print jobs will help. If your space is extremely dry (i.e. below 40% RH), you can try our "Standard Black" Ink available on the eStore which does not dry out as quickly as Ultra Black. If that is still not solving the problem, it may require that you keep humidifiers in the space. 

    Let us know if any of these solutions help. 
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