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maheshmvmaheshmv Channel Partner Member
In PDS we can see book mark option is a good option but I want to know after making the changes in the pieces that difference can make a PDF report with details of the changes with dotted lines to present to the customer. If yes pls guide us.


  • Lisa LowellLisa Lowell Gerber Staff 💛
    Hello Maheshmv,  Version 11 AccuMark has the capability of creating a pdf of the file.  What version are you on?  You can also change the colors of the bookmarks in preferences and make them visible in the view menu.  I created a piece with bookmarks and created a PDF file and the changes did not appear in the pdf file.  If you need an image of the file your best bet is to take a screenshot.  I also tried generating an image file and the bookmarks did not appear in there.  I also suggest you submit a problem and an enhancement report to engineering.  This is the light bulb icon on your desktop.
  • maheshmvmaheshmv Channel Partner Member
    ok noted thanks 
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