Easy Marking not opening!

Hello all,
I am working with Accumark v11.0 on OS Win 10 Pro. All of a sudden Easy Marking stopped opening! When I try to open either a marker or to launch the application directly the "Easy Marking" banner appears for 5 seconds and then nothing is happening.

I have checked the following:
  • The installed antivirus software is Sophos Home. I have placed in the safe list all folders mentioned by Gerber Technology on "TroubleshootingVirusScansWithAccuMark" doc.
  • I have uninstalled everything (also from registry). All gerber/accumark files.
  • I installed Accumark v10.4  - still Easy Marking didn't open
  • I installed Accumark v11.0 - still Easy Marking didn't open
  • I tried to run the Marking.exe directly from Program files (made sure to run as administrator) - still Easy Marking didn't open
Just to mention that the "old" Marker Making is opening without any problems (and all other Accumark programs).



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