How can i use one accunest in 4 pc?

Hello Dear,Can i use one accunest on 4 accumark pc? if yes then how??
(i mean how to share queue management) 


  • Lisa LowellLisa Lowell Gerber Staff 💛
    Hello, on the main computer (the AccuNest computer) you need to install the full version of AccuNest.  This question comes up during the install.  On the other stations, you need to install the software as Job submission only.  Again this question will come up during install.  On the AccuNest ("server") the station with the full install a QUEUE folder will be installed in the c:\users\public\Gerber Technology folder.  Copy this folder to a shared network drive (usually where the AccuMark data is stored.   Next point all of the queues to this folder, on the server you need to point it to the .umq file.  On the server, you will also need to find the AccuNest nesting server in the system tray (down by the clock) right click on this and set the queue to the same path.  Once they are all pointed to the same queue all users should be able to submit.  The FIRST time ONLY when a user sends a job they will have to click on the marker tab in the job options window and select the marker again, this only needs to be done the first time after a new install.
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