Gerber plotter temperature error

we have a plotter XLP 220,  Due to the error message " temperature error  " in the plotter  and Pc  we change the The RAM 4 times, and we need a support to fix this error 


  • Krzysztof WojcikiewiczKrzysztof Wojcikiewicz Gerber Staff 💛

    do you want to say, you changed the PC RAM memory 4 times?

    Are you talking about error displayed on plotter LCD as below or any other?




    If yes, this is related to XLp core brd, not PC.

    Sometimes switching plotter OFF for 15-20 minutes helps but the error comes back again after a while.

    I assume on the XLp plotter all voltages (especially +30V power brd, main brd and connection brd) and cables (flat cable to print head brd) are checked and they are OK. If so, pls follow below advise:

    You can try to reset parameters to factory defaults (if firmware is 3.0 or higher). To do it, proceed as below:

    1. press and hold menu button during power on
    2. after two beeps release Menu button, then you will see hidden menu


    [Restore Factory]

    if it doesn’t help after plotter reboot you have to replace the core brd

    Best regards,


  • Hello Tedros,

    I was wondering if you managed the issue with XLp plotter.
    In the event that you continue to experience problems, the XLp Plotter has been recently obsoleted and support is limited to on-call or loyalty service contracts with parts available with best effort.  Check out our MP Plotter which offers faster printing, longer ink life and full integration with AccuMark .
    If you need help to get in touch with Sales representative appropriate for your region please drop me a priv message and I will help  you to get in touch with person who will prepare an offer which will suite your needs.

    Best regards
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