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Hi There

Okay so I wish to take a square box or circle......and put an outline on it but inside the box and not on the outside of the box. If I put it on the outside, it will get cut out during the envision processing. What is the function?  Thanks for your time, everyone.

Tom Franklin
Vancouver, WA 


  • Rob FisherRob Fisher Gerber Staff 💛

    It sounds like you are looking to create a bleed so that the print area extends past the cut line helping to ensure you have printed area past the cutline in the case that you did not have perfect bomsite alignment. I would suggest pressing F1 in Composer to get help and read about Bleed Cuts. Below is directly from the help file.

    "A Bleed Cut adds a specified amount beyond the thickness and makes the thickness edge a cutline. When you cut the shape on a plotter, the bleed cut area is weeded away, removing print-to-cut registration problems."

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