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  • Hello.  I'm with ODOT Sign Shop. We are going to upgrade our Omega and we need new Highway fonts.  A question was raised about the lower case "q".  B, C, D, and E are the same. However, when you look at EM the descender looks the other way, if you know what I mean. Seems odd it is different from all the rest.  Does anybody know about this?  Maybe clarify for us.  Thanks 
  • Paul BementPaul Bement Gerber Staff 💛
    Hi Radams,
    I notice that you've not yet received a response.

    Instead of my guessing what you need, it might be better for you to download a demo version of Omega 6.5 ;
      OMEGA 6.5 Build 65 Full DVD English OMEGA 6.5 Build 65 Full DVD OMEGA 2.18 GB 5/16/2018
      Omega 6.5 Build 46 Complete English Ome65B46Complete OMEGA 2.13 GB 3/2/2017 
    When you've downloaded it, open up Omega 6.5 in demo mode and inspect the Highway Fonts.  Hopefully you'll find the ones you need.
    If not, as of Omega 6.0 we introduced a new feature called Find My Font.  This might help you find Fonts that are not included in 6.5
    Note:(You won't be able to use this in Demo Mode)
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