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I just thought I could leave a few suggestions here to be taken into consideration when developing the upcoming versions of Accumark PDS. I work with variety of CADs (3D modeling and product engineering) and think adding some functions and improving the way some others already exist would make the software even better. 

1. Would be great to have a double notch function. Which places 2 notches at once, First x distance along the line, and the second one 1 cm (or specified dist) away from the first one. 
2. It would be nice to have the geometry snapping disabled with hotkey when a function is activated. 
3. Would be great if hotkey settings could be exported and imported with the user settings. 
4. Would be handy if 'Set piece current' was on the right click options, rather than selecting from the list. 

Please let me know if these are already in the PDS and I just hadn't find them yet. :blush:


  • Lisa LowellLisa Lowell Gerber Staff 💛
    Hello Nafisa,
    1. you can create multiple reference notches.  In the Create\notch\reference function.  check the user input box, there is an option for adding a group.
    2.  F11 is assigned to snap to Geometry and cannot be changed at this time.
    3. Hotkey settings should be exported with user settings.  Are you finding this is not happening?
    4. The best place to report these is by using the Problem and Enhancement Utility icon on your desktop.  Fill this information and include as many details as possible about the features you would like to see.  This report goes directly to our engineering department.  We love to hear from users! 
  • Amy MasseAmy Masse Gerber Staff 💛
    Hi Nafisa,
    We are adding a feature to V12 that will allow you to use the TAB key to switch between pieces that are only in the displayed portion of your work area.  So this should help you with item 4.
  • Hi Lisa, 
    1. Reference notches is not relevant here. Double notches used to mark the back pieces and make similar looking areas of the pattern to look different. Speaking of reference notches, can the point relationship be broken, or simple put, reference notches can be edited to become standard notches? In luxury fashion, different areas of the pattern change with different ratio and proportions, and my colleagues and I find reference notches troublesome when amending the patterns. We don't use them anymore. Disadvantages outweigh the benefits in our case. 
    2. Great, I got my answer. although, far above on the keyboard, the same hotkey disables and enables the snapping. That is good!
    3. Didn't export. Settings as colours and etc can be migrated, but not the hotkeys. What did we do wrong? 
    4. Great, will be using that often.

  • Amy, if TAB will set a piece current, that is great. 
    Because, a pattern cutter must be able to set pieces current easily by a click or a key, not look for it in the list. 
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