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Material fusing together on multi layer paragon cutter

I have a specific material we are cutting for shoes on the Paragon. I am cutting 12 layers of material. All the patterns are fusing together all the way around the parts and we are having to manually separate each layer due to the fusing. Other than cutting fewer layers, does anyone have suggestions on how to reduce or eliminate the fusing ? Cut slower ? Cut faster ? What setting would need adjusting ?


  • Joanne PassannanteJoanne Passannante Posts: 14 ✭✭
    I have a GTxL cutter & we cut many industrial fabrics & materials.  We have special slow settings for our PVC, slowing both the RPM of the blade & the velocity.  The lower cut speeds help reduce the friction temperature.  Also, we tested this at lower ply, then slowly increased until we could do a higher ply with minimal fusing of edges.  A slightly older blade helped as it was smaller.
  • Doug Hopkins Doug Hopkins Posts: 23 ✭✭
    Fusing of material is caused from friction of the reciprocating blade when cutting materials with low melting points. 

    Fusing can often be reduced or controlled by reducing the knife RPM while cutting (done in the material setup file). 

    It is also helpful if the cut velocity can be Increased, reducing the contact time between the material and the hot blade when cutting.

    If the level of fusing is still not acceptable, and the RPM cannot be reduced [further], or the cut speed increased due to pushing or laboring:  Insure the blade is optimally sharp, use the knife coolant option (if equipped), insert an occasional ply of wax paper between specific layers of the material (wax works as lubricant). Reduce the blade size if able (smaller = less friction),

    If fusing can still not be controlled then, reduce plies.
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