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DampkringDampkring Posts: 9
What is the latest version of Gerber that is available right now?  And is it compatible with Version 8?  I have many clients using V8 that I will have to accommodate, but I want to upgrade...  Advice on anyone's experiences (good or bad)? 


  • Denise VannoyDenise Vannoy Posts: 20 Gerber Staff 💛
    Our current AccuMark release is Version 11. Models and pieces are backwards compatible by exporting to V8 format.   You can create both V8 and V9 format in AccuMark Version 11.
  • Lisa LowellLisa Lowell Posts: 569 Gerber Staff 💛

    You can keep the data in a V8 storage area for those clients who still have V8, however if you use new features on these patterns you will not be able to store then back to a V8 storage area and would need to export them back to a V8 storage area using the file\export V9 models and pieces to V8.  Eventually, the operating systems that are supported for V8 will be sunset and your clients will or should upgrade or risk exposing their data to viruses and unstable conditions leaving their data at risk.  
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