Shipping Issues Gerber CT to International

Has anyone had issue with Gerber shipping their parts internationally?  I needed a part rushed to my factory in Dominican Republic from Gerber in CT.  This Tuesday, I was told 2 day UPS Express was my only/fastest option.  I'm in NY, have a UPS account and ship to DR overnight all the time.  I processed all the appropriate International paperwork through my account & made a shipping label, but was told by Gerber they could not use my shipping label (there was no special pickup required as we are both using UPS).  So, I went with their 2-day Express.

I am tracking my package & it arrived in Santo Domingo, DR, Wednesday at 11:20am.  This is 4 hours from my factory.  We received notice this morning (Thursday) it was at the Santiago, DR airport (45 minutes from us), but did not make it onto the truck for our factory today.  So, we are now sending a driver to pick it up.  On the other hand, at approximately the same time Tuesday I sent a package from my office via UPS Overnight and it was received on Wednesday.

Completely understand if we were shipping with the same timing, but if I could ship it faster, why couldn't I have used that option?


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