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Basic Digitizing: Smoothing and Non-Smoothing Point Attributes

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Basic Digitizing: Smoothing and Non-Smoothing Point Attributes

The Basics to Digitizing are the minimal steps that need to be taken to digitize a piece into AccuMark using our Gerber Technology Digitizers. We have simplified the process to 6 steps AFTER you have opened your W-Digit and filled out Digitize Process options.

One additional step to take is while defining the perimeter (step 3) is to assign point attributes. If you want a shape to be curved or a sharp straight edge, you can assign a Smoothing or Non-Smoothing Point Attribute.

Smoothing/Non-Smoothing Point Attribute

Smoothing (curve) and Non-Smoothing (straight) points do not need to be assigned to every point on the piece. AccuMark assigns the point attributes based on the angle size.

So while digitizing a piece, you don’t need many points to create one curve. If a point is at an angle smaller than 120 degrees, you can then assign the Smoothing Attribute to create the curve. You ONLY need to assign the attribute if the point’s angle DOES NOT meet the systems automatic assignment, or if you are switching between smoothing and non-smoothing points.


It is advised to use fewer points while digitizing so you have cleaner measurements. Also, machine cut pieces won’t have jagged edges from reading every single point. Use Smoothing/Non-Smoothing point attributes so you can lessen the number of points and create the shapes you need for your pieces.

*missed the Halloween Practice Packet? Just message me here on the community. 


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    Can you send me the Halloween Practice packet or any other practice packets you have?  I'm going to use them in class so the students can learn about the other buttons and how to use.
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    Hi Diane,

    I emailed you the Halloween Packet. Since it was a seasonal item, that's why we have taken it off the community. All other practice packets or helpful guides that aren't seasonal can be found on the community in the future  :)
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